How to score 67 points for Immigration to Canada

Canada PR

Canada is a land of immigrants for skilled labour who can explore their skills to build the Canadian economy stronger. To qualify as skilled labour in the immigration streams you have to apply for Express Entry. Though the express entry is one of the fastest ways that skilled immigrants choose to immigrate to Canada. This blog will help you to how to score 67 points immigration to Canada

Why do you need 67 points?

To qualify in the express entry pool you have to score 67 out of 100 to apply for PR Visa. The maximum number of points one can attain is 100 those who score less than 67 points will be rejected. The points system allows the IRCC to select the right candidate based on the skills who will contribute there economic growth

 Eligibility points requirements:

The minimum eligibility points requirements for 100 points for Canada PR is calculated based on the following factors

  1. Age Maximum 12 points
  2. Education: Maximum 25 points
  3. Language skills: Maximum 28 points (English /French)
  4. Work Experience: Maximum 24 points
  5. Adaptability: Maximum 10 points
  6. Employment: Additional 10 points (not mandatory)

 Factors to Consider

Age factors:

 If you are under the 18 age you would not get any points. It is advisable to consider between the age 18 to 35 in that age you will get 12 points

Age Points
Under 180
47 or older0

 Language Proficiency:

For the language proficiency maximum Candian Language Benchmark (CLB) provided will be 24 points in addition if you Know french you can obtain additional 4 points total you would get a maximum of 28 points

 For English proficiency, you can get these points

 ReadingSpeakingWritingListening CLB Level
Bands6666 to 7=CLB 7
Bands6. 8
Bands7 – 7.5778=CLB 9
Bands8 – 97.5-97.5 – 98.5 – 9=CLB 10


Second Official Language – maximum of 4 points:

CLB LevelSpeakingListeningReadingWritingPoints
4443.5 to 444

 Education proficiency:

For Education maximum of 25 points will get for PhD professionals

For Educational assessment checking, you have to get ECA(Educational Credtional Assessment) for immigration purposes from the particular university where obtained your graduation.

Qualification                                                                                 Points 
Master degree23
Double Bachelor22
Bachelor degree21
Diploma 3 Years after Higher Secondary19
Diploma 3 Years after 10th (High School)15
High School05

Work Experience

 A maximum of 15 points will be awarded in the desired work experience category.It is advisable to have a minimum of 2-3 years of experience before applying for PR Visa

 Work Experience  Points
2 – 3 Years11
4 – 5 Years13
6 Above15


 In the adaptability, you might get points by your previous work experience &study in Canada, through your spouse and through your blood relations you can get a maximum of 10 points in these sections

Adaptability factors                                                                               Points

Spouse IELTS05
Blood Relation05
Previous Work experience in Canada as a skilled occupation (minimum 1year)10

If your partner or spouse have previous work experience or  study


If your partner CLB is four or higher05

Arranged Employment:

A maximum of 10 points will be available in this category but if you meet these certain conditions.If you are currently working In Canada under LMIA issued by the provincial or federal government as skilled labour.If you are authorized to work in Canada through an open work permit

How Can I get additional points:

  •  Based on the above factor the points is been calculated you can  get additional points
  • By improving your language Proficiency and scoring high points
  • Getting an additional degree can help your job offer in Canada
  • Gaining work experience in Canada
  • With the help of your relatives residing in Canada


Based on the above factor Immigration points is been calculated to Immigrate to Canada. Green Tree Immigration will help the immigrants to improve their Immigration points to make their dream destination into reality, If you struggle to improve your points but are not sure how to improve your score comment your queries or contact us we will help you with the all possible way for immigration.

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